Monday, September 20, 2010

Back Up Bringing An Epic Album: The Ghost Inside - Returners

I'm back and  this album seemed appropriate

After a good reception with their 2008 album Fury and The Fallen Ones (Ill get around to reviewing this) its obvious they wanted to step up the pace and have done it brilliantly.

The 1st song  "Walk Away From The World" give a deceptive hint at where they are going  but it then explodes into "Greater Distance" with a bass drum that just pulls you into the song. 1:04-1:25  "Now stand up high to come and live forever with me" Epic.
"Between The Lines"  Super quick drum work blends nicely with the slow harmonies 

Go listen to 1:20 - 1:40 and cum in your pants, nuff said.  

The beginning of "Chrono"  gives a nice break between harder beats  but don't worry it only makes the rest of the song and album better.
"The Conflict" boasts lyrics that definitly deserve a specific shout out, looking at religion but in a fresh way not taking the common "religion is shit" line.
"Downbeat" ups the tempo again but has an amazing breakdown at 1:25 - 1:57
NO APOLOGIES NO REGRETS!  "Through The Cracks" 2:47 - End.

Don't be deterred by the 9 minute final song  "Truth and Temper" its well worth the listen
0:32 -  0:48  < nice riff here
2:02 - 3:18 < Fast beats then awe-inspiring lines

5:30 - End After a minute of silence creepy clicks and un-tuned strings are heard  with a deeps noise like down-tuned wind. The deep bass drums and long ringing riffs sound evil and sinister somehow fading into static. 

Track List:
  1. Walk Away From The World 
  2. Greater Distance 
  3. Between The Lines
  4. Unspoken 
  5. Overlooked 
  6. Chrono 
  7. The Conflict
  8. Downbeat
  9. The Returner 
  10. Through The Cracks
  11. Truth and Temper


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