Monday, September 20, 2010

Back Up Bringing An Epic Album: The Ghost Inside - Returners

I'm back and  this album seemed appropriate

After a good reception with their 2008 album Fury and The Fallen Ones (Ill get around to reviewing this) its obvious they wanted to step up the pace and have done it brilliantly.

The 1st song  "Walk Away From The World" give a deceptive hint at where they are going  but it then explodes into "Greater Distance" with a bass drum that just pulls you into the song. 1:04-1:25  "Now stand up high to come and live forever with me" Epic.
"Between The Lines"  Super quick drum work blends nicely with the slow harmonies 

Go listen to 1:20 - 1:40 and cum in your pants, nuff said.  

The beginning of "Chrono"  gives a nice break between harder beats  but don't worry it only makes the rest of the song and album better.
"The Conflict" boasts lyrics that definitly deserve a specific shout out, looking at religion but in a fresh way not taking the common "religion is shit" line.
"Downbeat" ups the tempo again but has an amazing breakdown at 1:25 - 1:57
NO APOLOGIES NO REGRETS!  "Through The Cracks" 2:47 - End.

Don't be deterred by the 9 minute final song  "Truth and Temper" its well worth the listen
0:32 -  0:48  < nice riff here
2:02 - 3:18 < Fast beats then awe-inspiring lines

5:30 - End After a minute of silence creepy clicks and un-tuned strings are heard  with a deeps noise like down-tuned wind. The deep bass drums and long ringing riffs sound evil and sinister somehow fading into static. 

Track List:
  1. Walk Away From The World 
  2. Greater Distance 
  3. Between The Lines
  4. Unspoken 
  5. Overlooked 
  6. Chrono 
  7. The Conflict
  8. Downbeat
  9. The Returner 
  10. Through The Cracks
  11. Truth and Temper

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sorry guys that I haven't put up an album for a while but forsome stupid reason my login just 404's

Anyone else have this problem??

I'm on an iPod ATM so I can't review anything.
I'll be sure to put up a new album when it's all fixed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Band Thats Just Getting Started - Centuries - Verses

Ok so i know i said id be reviewing albums but i just wanted to show u guys a band that you should be keeping an eye on in the near future,  they're called Centuries.

For anyone who's liked any of the stuff I've already posted then definitely have a look at them.
Tight riffs,  breakdowns that are just sweet as, melodic bridges and  just some plain ol' good song writing make these guys stand out from the crowd.

The new and sadly only (for the moment with more coming soon I'm told, the previews sound great) song Verses was noticed and recorded by members of Confession  =D



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For The Fallen Dreams - Changes

This next album is by a band named For The Fallen Dreams.
They are getting quite well known recently, and definitely do not get the respect they deserve. Their older album "Changes" is filled with a mix of songs/melodies/breakdowns and riffs.

They are one of the most unique bands I have ever heard, creating unimaginable breakdowns, and parts of songs which just make you weak at the knees!

One of these mind blowing breakdowns can be heard at 1:32-1:51 in "New Beginnings". The sudden slowed tempo changed down into the breakdown, then tempo change up from the breakdown creates a trench in the song, a 'B' section. also, the guitar chugs not landing on the first beat of the breakdown (very rare) is perfected.

but i'm not gonna ramble on about their breakdowns, cause for the fallen dreams are much more than that. their use of extreme dissonance creates an epic "end-of-the-world" feeling to their songs, carrying a great amount of emotional entities with it.
The melodic and dissonant influence the music has creates a very big atmosphere to the listener, this music is meant to be felt, not just heard!

eg. "Last Dying Breath" 2:16 - End
"Never Again" 2:58 - 3:32
"Hopeless" 0:52 - 1:15
you get the drift. it's just purely amazing. these guys will definitely stand as one of the most (if not, the most) respected and loveable bands in my life.
(p.s i also find it interesting how the lyrics through the heavy "Last Dying Breath" are quite forecful/negative and violent, however as soon as the "epic" bit kicks in it repeats the lines "My last dying breath, I'll bleed for you, my last dying breath, i'll die for you", which i found really interesting. there's probably a simple explanation, but i like to think that's its their uniquity :)


1. Brothers In Arms ( with the famous "Where were you! When I needed you!" lyric, reference to war)
2. New Beginnings (amazing breakdown/riffs"
3. Hopeless (amazing riff/lyrics/end breakdown)
4. Last Dying Breath (epic ending)
5. This World Around Us (only 2 lines of lyrics to this song, good lines they are :)
6. Never Again (mature lyrics, strong song, very forceful ending)
7. Changes (Instrumental track, means that the band understands the concept of creating beautiful music, not only lyrics)
8. Vengeance ("step off!" 2:35 ;)
9. Falling Down (very positive words, mature)
10. Through The Looking Glass (amazing intro, amazing ending, amazing song title {metaphor}, synth ending, snaredrum ending implies a 'war' influence on the song, and the whole album, powerful ending lyrics)


New Beginnings: 1:32-1:51
Hopeless: Most of the song
Last Dying Breath: 2:16-End
Never Again: 3:40-End
Vengeance: 2:25-End
Through The Looking Glass: Start-1:00, then 3:30-End

Definitely 5 stars in my books. They have helped me through alot in my life, and will definitely continue to. Still trying to push for them to revisit Australia again.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Confession - Cancer

Heres the next album up here 4 u guys
Confession - Cancer My Fave album atm


Nice mix of face melting and deceptively sweet sounding vocals.
Songs lead nicely into each other. But its really all about those riffs isn't it..   this is full if brO0tal breakdowns and loose opens covered my melodic harmonies
 e.g. "That Scag and His floozy, They're Gonna Die" - 1:30-1:55
Just check it out :

Song List:
1.- Intro
2.- Send a Meat Truck
3.- Must've Cut His Heart Out
4.- Anarchy Road
5.- That Scag and His Floozie, They're Gonna Die
6.- That's Not the Goose
7.- I Am the Nightrider
8.- The Bitch Is Born to Run
9.- Cundalini Wants His Hand Back!
10.- She's Not What She Seems
11.- Chewed Up and Spat Out
12.- People Don't Believe In Heroes Anymore

 Best Bits :
Thats Not the Goose ( especially the pump up bit [you'll know what i mean])
Must've Cut His Heart Out 0:55-1:55
Chewed Up and Spat Out
People Don't Believe In Heroes Anymore


Hi guys  some people were asking for a  link to the album or at least to a sample of the artists music  soo umm here  for Wormwood it is